Rinatu Frassati

France, Director

It has been a great pleasure to work with such a talented and sensible young artist. He helped my film reaching another sonic dimension. I can't imagine my next film without him behind the desk.

Elena Manetta

USA, Animator

Thanks so much for all your fantastic sound work. Your sound really brought everything to life and hit a lot of comedic cues I was aiming for !

Sara ZA

USA, Animator

I love all the sounds and details you put into my animation film. I think you've nailed everything and I absolutely love it ! Thank you so much !

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Sam Proctor

UK, Sound Engineer

Your work was exceptional both in creative and technical terms. It showed a real understanding of the role of sound in film to produce an excellent result.

Chris Anne Lindo

USA, Animator

Thanks so much ! I'm extremely happy with your service ! If I ever do another project with sound design, I'll be sure to contact you first.

Harvey Puttock

UK, Director

It sounds great. I love it. It's pretty spot on to what I had envisioned for it. Thanks again for your contribution to the film !

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